What is Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook?

Cache mode first introduced in Microsoft Outlook in 2003, Cached Exchange Mode stores a carbon copy of user’s mailbox data in the local device in a file named OST file. Enabling cached mode allows users to perform tasks without the Internet connection. It checks all the user mailbox data such as contact, email, attachment, calendars and many more. It syncs all the modification and updates in the exchange server.

Advantage of Cached Exchange Mode:

  • Cached mode stores a copy of the Offline Global Address Book (GAL).
  • In the server interruption, the user can make changes in their mailbox easily
  • It is helpful for high latency connections.
  • Its Offline storage (OST) files permit users to search for important file and data
  • In satellite and radio-frequency based connections, OST file works admirably.

How to Enable/Disable Cached Exchange Mode

  • Go to File
  • Info and then Account Settings
  • Double tap on Exchange account
  • Tick the box for Use Cached Exchange Mode

Features of Cache Exchange Mode

There is a number of features in Outlook that need Cached Exchange Mode in order to work efficiently. The most remarkable features are:

  • Work Offline
  • Junk E-mail Filter
  • Instant Search
  • Conversation View
  • Clean Up
  • People Pane

The difference between Cached Exchange and Online Mode

  • Cached Exchange Mode needs a lot of space compared to Online Mode
  • It has more features rather than Online Mode
  • Cached Exchange Mode restricts users to search for emails

If you are unable to turn on Cached Exchange Mode, following below steps:

  • An Exchange account doesn't exist in your Microsoft Outlook profile this feature necessitates your Outlook profile contain an Exchange account.
  • Your Exchange server service has disabled this functionality Exchange service can inactivate this feature in Outlook.
  • Microsoft Terminal Services has installed Cached Exchange Mode is not available on computers that run Windows Server when Microsoft Terminal Services is installed.

Use Cached Exchange Mode to work with things in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox notwithstanding when your system connection is moderate or inaccessible. Since you have a copy of your mailbox on your hard drive spared as an OST file, you can access your downloaded mailbox information regardless of whether you are disconnected and have no web association. When you go online Outlook will sync with your mail server.

How to verify that Cached Exchange Mode is enabled?

Confirming the status of Cached Exchange Mode is easy to follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to the right bottom of the Outlook, it shows the status Connected to Microsoft Exchange, and an OST file is existing in the device. It points out that the Cached Exchange Mode is enabled.
  • If it is disabled, it will show Online with Microsoft Exchange.

Use OST to PST Converter Software

In case, your OST file becomes inaccessible use OST to PST converter software for instant solution.


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